Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lace & Curves

I am a curvy woman. Many times I hated being curvy, because many times, stick-thin is in. Many times I hide in oversized dresses. Many times I am not confident to "flaunt" my being curvy. But I am always thankful I have a body and a healthy body.

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  1. Go Gurl!!!!=)
    We got the same body type---I can relate so much to this post,=)..kaka-inspire=)

  2. and there i was complaining that i was too thin, because people said that thin is not in, especially in the former workplace. not that i intentionally made myself thin. it was a struggle to gain weight only to lose it in just less than one week. i've always been thin, especially since college.

    now i got my wish... i'm no longer thin, i think almost chubby. now i want to shed off just a little bit of pounds. we can't have everything, can we? :)

  3. @ Ann & She: it's time we embrace what we are and not be pressured to be something what our peers or society wants us to be. yehey for girl power! :)

  4. @ She:

    "we can't have everything, can we?"

    I super agree! We can't have everything but at least we have some things. :D