Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Outfit: Tour Around the Island (2)

3rd Photo: Behind us is our town's famous waterfalls. The waterfall is composed of three falls.. and actually many more mini falls when you walk further up river.

4th Photo: I am on top of a very huge coral rock formation that serves as a diving platform in one of the island's more famous beach resort, the Salag-doong beach. "Salag-doong" got its name because "doongs" or herons used to build their nests here. The beach resort is about half a kilometer from the highway and to get there you will pass by a mini forest.

Outfit: vintage one-piece bathing suit & skirt from my aunt


  1. Is this still part of Siquijor? Too bad, I grew up on the other island facing yours but I never did visit Siquijor, not even once!

  2. Psyche,

    Yes, I grew up in Negros! :)