Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wrap-around and A Good Education

In my last trip to the thrift stores, I scored several dresses, about 6, for P40 each. All the dresses were still in good condition and my favorite one was this dark blue wrap-around dress with white prints.

Wrap-around dresses are figure-flattering. They emphasize or give you the illusion of a well-proportioned waist and they hide big hips/thighs (like mine) if the skirt is a full circle skirt.

On the background is my elementary school. All my primary, secondary and tertiary years were spent in public schools but I never felt I was robbed of anything I was supposed to learn. I spent my elementary years in a public school in Siquijor, but by the time I went to Cebu for highschool at a state university highschool, my classmates thought I came from a private school because I spoke English very well. My teachers at the public schools were "old school" but very good and dedicated educators.

Anyway, my point is, I still believe in public schools. :)


  1. nice photos as always.

    I never went to a public school in the Philippines pero I wouldn't mind sending RC to a public school someday. I think that is where she will be going.

  2. I went to public school from grade school to high school and my teachers there were very dedicated and passionate about their job! I went to a laboratory high school in a state university and when I graduated, I felt I could overcome ANYTHING because I was a lab school graduate! :D

    The Explosive Orange

  3. Love the dress!
    I was a public school girl, too. My high school was a laboratory school but that's just another term for public. For College, can't get any more public than UP. Haha!

  4. Hi! Just had to share i also love ukays. And like you, I am also a product of public schools -- from elementary to college. =) I became a teacher, went places, did many things and everytime I go back to my hometown, I (excuse me for not being modest just this time,heheh) am a source of pride for my teachers (many of whom have already retired from teaching). It is a humbling and enriching experience. Not many people realize that public schools may lack many facilities provided by private schools but it is in there where students get good training for the tougher world that awaits them after school, having to thrive in crowded classrooms, scanty books, dusty/antiquated libraries, and everything else being simple. Kudos to public school teachers! And by the way, mom's a public school teacher too. ;-)