Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy February, Katy Perry!

Happy February, everyone! And Welcome to the year of the Rabbit!

I received a stylish blogger award from the very creative and crafty, Meream. Let me gush over Meream first, before I proceed to telling you seven random things about myself (the 7 things come with the award). Currently, Meream is into dollhouses. I openly envy her skills and creativity. When I was a little kid, I almost always play by myself. I had several Barbie dolls and have always wanted dollhouses for them, but of course my parents could not afford to buy me one. So, instead of being sad, I transformed shoeboxes into dollhouses. But those dollhouses were nothing compared to Meream's dollhouses. Hop on to her site, and check out those dollhouses and all other crafty things Meream created.

Meream's blog is Bored and Crafty.

So, onto the 7 random [thrift] things about me:

1. I clean my own nails. I seldom go to a salon for manicure/pedicure because I fear the sharp things they use in cleaning the nails.

2. My all-time favorite dish is spaghetti. I can eat it any time, any day. My favorite spaghetti dishes are Hebrews' spaghetti sardines and Figaro's tuna spaghetti. I have not cooked the perfect spaghetti dish yet, and I hate it.

3. I love the color pink. I can't resist the color pink.

4. One of the things I consider in buying clothes is the fabric. If the fabric will need ironing after washing, I won't go for it. Nobody irons the clothes for me and I don't like to spend time ironing my clothes. Besides, the electric iron uses up a lot of energy.

5. I don't own a pair of rubber shoes. And I have a problem because on Feb.27 I am joining a marathon and I don't own a pair of running shoes.

6. My clothes are thrifted, or gifts. My bags are all gifts, except for the bag I'm using in the picture below.

7. I don't understand the logic behind spending more than P100 (OK, P200 for Banana Peel) for a pair of slippers.


Top - thrifted
Shorts - gift from Tita
Flats - thrifted
Neckpiece - City of Vintage


  1. ^^, I have one pair of running shoes--I didn't buy it though--the boyf did--a year ago when I was TRYING getting into jogging/running, ^^,I think I used it 3 time hehe--d ko tlg type mag exercise, ^^

  2. hahaha!! :) di ko rin type mag-exercise, ann. but i have tried jogging regularly for about two months and i really felt good after.

  3. i love the necklace. yun agad una ko nakita. hahahaha.