Saturday, February 5, 2011

Study Day Sunday


It took me long to post these outfit photos because I think I look funny in the white shorts. The pair is actually a vintage pair that is 1 size big for me, and I stored it for the shop because I don't know how to stylishly wear it. But I wore it because I found it comfortable -- elastic waistband, pockets, wide leg/thigh room. I don't know what to think about it, but my sister was shocked saying I looked like a tomboy. Writing about this makes me want to wear the pair of shorts over and over again, because they are very comfortable and if only to displease my sister.

top - vintage
shorts - vintage
trinkets - gifts from grandaunt
sandals - grendha
bag - from sister


  1. Hi, Psyche!

    Wow, it´s been along time since I´ve visited your blog. Are you back for good na? ;)

    Love the color of that bright pink top on you and wearing white shorts look so refreshing especially on really hot days.Don´t worry, you don´t like a tomboy at all!

    Happy Sunday!

    PS: Haven´t eaten my chocolates yet, they´re still in the box. naka-ribbon kasi and I get tamad para buksan kasi mauubos talaga. lol!

  2. The short looks incredibly comphy, if you love 'em, wear 'em. Besides, it's fun to distress your siblings :) Cute thrift blog, by the way!