Tuesday, May 3, 2011



My photographer is my boyfriend. You'd think it's very easy working with someone you love. You'd think with just one click you'd have the perfect shot. But my photographer's really demanding we'd take lots of pictures (and my patience would grow short) before I'd decide to end the shoot. There is this one pose, this one angle, this one kind of smile that he wants me to don in pictures but I never seem to get it right. Rrrr.. But then, he's the best boyfriend. :P

On to another topic.. I never put too much thought on what to wear, especially when there's nothing going on, like the day these photos were taken. I was just meeting with a friend and the pair of pants has been hanging outside my cabinet too long. The pair of pants is thrifted and is probably two sizes big for me. But I love it because it's very comfortable, it's like putting on pajamas. And, it's school-appropriate. But, as you can see, the pants is somehow difficult to "style" with. It is army green, and the only colors I could think of that would match with the green are black and white/cream. (that's how creative I am, and how colorful my cabinet is).

So, I don't know. The look is very baduy. But comfortable.

Shirt - gift
Pants - thrifted
Wedges - gift
Earrings - local

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