Sunday, August 14, 2011


I'm in the mood for monochrome tonight. Most of the day today was raining hard, and I spent most of my day in bed, playing a mystery game in my laptop. Yes, I have my laptop back after 2 weeks. My laptop, an MSI X320 died, some Tuesdays ago while I was playing TextTwist. When I asked my boyfriend what could have been the reason why my laptop died, he said it was because I was pounding too hard on my laptop while playing texttwist. I don't know if he's correct, when it comes to gadgets and technology, you can tell me anything and I will believe. I sent my laptop to the MSI store in SM City Cebu where I bought it to see if they can repair it. And repair they did! They replaced my hard drive (too sad my case digests).

My laptop story is of course insignificant. But I'm relating it because I am too happy with MSI's services that I want to tell everyone about it. The clerks at the MSI store processed my application for repair in less than 5minutes, no waiting time, and told me to call within 2-3 weeks. I called a day after the second week and they told me my laptop's already ready for pick-up. The technician, whose name is Mark, replaced the hard drive, and installed an OS, applications, dictionary, encyclopedia, games, skype, google chrome and a software for lan in my laptop. I thought that was very considerate and thoughtful of him, because I use google chrome as my browser and skype for work. Very thoughtful.

So, thank you MSI-SM Cebu. I appreciate your services. I am one happy customer. I wish all stores/service providers are like you.

Re, the photos. They were taken in Tabuelan the other weekend. I wore this sheer vintage dress (also worn as a top here), vintage Lee shorts that I thrifted when we dropped by the public market in Balambam, and striped bandeau bikini top.

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  1. very dramatic pictures! love it esp the last one with the crown on your head