Saturday, September 3, 2011


thrifted chambray, vintage one-piece bathing suit, vintage lee denim shorts


thrifted michael kors one-piece bathing suit, thrifted cotton pants, hat from ayala store

I went to the beach twice in August, at the start of the month and nearing the end of the month, I began to forgot this isn't summer anymore.  The month was dotted with holidays, and now they're over.  We've crossed to the "-ber" months, which, in the Philippines means Christmastime is nearing.

In these pictures, I'm wearing thrifted/vintage bathing suits, all one-piece because I am currently loving the allure of wearing one (:P, honestly, it's because I don't have flat abs) and they can be worn as tops.  Many people would cringe at the thought of wearing thrifted bathing suits, but many, I for one, don't.  Why I buy thrifted bathing suits?  Because I am not a beach babe, nor a swimmer.  I rarely go to the beach, hence, I rarely don bathing suits.  I don't want to spend much on something I would only wear once.  It's all about the "cost-per-wear" thing.  And, thrifted and, especially, vintage bathing suits are one-of-their-kinds.  It's really rare to find vintage-inspired bathing suits in the malls/dept. stores.

So, here are my tips for buying thrifted/vintage bathing suits:

1) Bring a tape measure.  You can't, or don't want, to fit those bathing suits in their unwashed state. Always bring a tape measure when thrifting.  Always.  It will save you lots of money, and unnecessary purchases.

2) Look for the tag/company/label of the bathing suits.  If the suits are made by companies who specialize in swimwear, like Speedo, then chances are those suits are of good quality.

3) Look for wear/tear, snags, fades, and thinning of the fabric used.  

4) Check the linings, if any.  If the linings are already loose and tattered, then ditch them.

5) Check the breast paddings.  Or if there are none, check whether you can have then sewed.

How to clean/wash your thrifted bathing suits, and bathing suits in general:

1) Look for the care instructions.  If it's still attached, then follow those instructions.  If there are none, or the instructions are in a language you do not understand, then:

2) Place lukewarm water in a tub/palanggana, place mild detergent, and put your bathing suits flat in the water.

3) Do not wring.  If there are dirty spots, use a toothbrush to eradicate them.

4) To rinse, just replace the soapy water with clean water.  Rinse until there are no more soap in the water/suits.

5) Some say it's best not to have the bathing suits sun-dried because the colors will fade.  I often forgot this, and do not follow this because I love the scent of sun-dried clothes.

** Repeat the cleaning steps until you are convinced the bathing suits are clean.

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  1. Just stumbled upon your site through blog hopping. I totally love it! I am a certified ukay shopper :)