Saturday, October 29, 2011

Outfit Post: Jeans


I own 6 pairs of jeans. Four are thrifted, one is from my sister, and one is from my aunt -- the pair I'm wearing in the picture. I can still remember the first pair of jeans I owned, an imitation Calvin Klein jeans when I was 12 years old.  That pair was stolen by the son-in-law of our laundrywoman. Then Tita bought me and my cousin another pair when I was 14, high-waisted and tapered at the ankles. Then in college my sister and I had a frenzy on Levi's jeans. After college and while working, I no longer found it comfortable to wear jeans, especially when commuting to work. And now, I own 6 pair of jeans, none of which is the "sexy, skinny" style. I am in the constant search for that "perfect" pair of jeans in thrift stores (OK, maybe I would find the perfect pair in boutiques specializing in jeans/denims but I am thrifty and I don't want to spend much (and "much" means not more than P200) on a pair) but still no luck for me.

What I'm wearing:
top - Giordano
jeans - aunt's
belt - vintage
bag - thrifted
shoes - thrifted

It's a long weekend for us the Philippines. Enjoy, and stay safe!  :) :)

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