Thursday, June 23, 2011


thank you for following/reading my blog. :) I wish I could make things more interesting and fun here but life outside the blog is busy and fierce, especially school. I have a great fear of reciting in front of the teacher and class, and now that we have formally started classes, I have fever. Because I fear oral recitation. Just make me write, please..

Anyway, what I'm wearing is probably the best dress I have ever thrifted. I've had this for several years now but only wears this once in a while on special occasions. It's vintage, floral, and well-fitted. It's made of really good material that it doesn't cling to the wrong parts of the body. It's also the right length. In short, it's the best dress I have. (wait, there's another best vintage dress I have.. I don't know if I have mentioned that already in the blog. :D ) I just think vintage dresses are the best.

And oh, these pictures were taken before the end of summer, at the wedding of my boyfriend's friend. This was early morning. I think breakfast weddings are cool.

dress - vintage
shoes - chinese laundry
bag - gift


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Hate, hate, HATE talking in front of people!

    I love the dress! It looks so good on you. <3

  2. very cute! good luck in school!

  3. i remember when i was in school, i hate recitations too. I don't think I would actually like to go to school again although I should.

    nice to see your posts again, you've got interesting posts. yung sakin naging boring na talaga pero kailangan ng sponsors. Blog lang ng blog, di narin ako nakakavisit sa ibang blog masyado sa dami ng dapat ipost.

    good luck with studies.