Saturday, January 21, 2012

Human Heart Nature

Photobucket Being a consumer, and trying to be a thrifty consumer, I always try to make my purchases "make sense." While my small aparador is bursting to the seams, my beauty products are limited and well-edited. I am not a beauty junkie and do not hoard a lot of beauty stuff. I always want to keep things efficient. To illustrate, I don't want to waste water, and money, and products, I shampoo my hair every other day. This habit eliminated too much build-up in my scalp. While my hair is thin and fine and straight, and does not need chemical straightening, my scalp is a problem. I feel that my scalp is undernourished. I have tried several hair conditioners but they all failed me -- Creamsilk, Pantene, and L'Oreal. They were boo. Creamsilk was too heavy and left my face oily. Pantene was not effective and only left my scalp drier. L'Oreal was worse. I could not comb my hair after. It got tangled and was not smooth. Then I discovered (advertisement?). Ok, ok. I've had a Human Heart Nature Catalog in my bed stand for almost 4 months when I finally decided to buy a conditioner. I was actually going to buy a line of products but I still had enough soap and shampoo, so I didn't think it was practical. This conditioner lasted me about a month, or less. I used it generously because I liked that my hair felt very clean after rinsing. I also used it every other two days. I felt I met my conditioner soulmate. :P But no. I did not like the calamansi smell of this, so when I finished this whole bottle, I bought another one, the one with Gugo and Calamansi and Peppermint, and I could truly say I was in conditioner heaven. I loved the peppermint and the cool feeling when rinsing. What's even better with Human Heart Nature products in general is that they are "100% no harmful chemicals and 100% made in the Philippines." Based on this conditioner alone, I can say the product is of good quality and is well-priced. I don't and won't feel guilty buying these products, knowing I am not adding pollutants and not harming myself; instead, I am helping. The company, which is related to Gawad-Kalinga, has been in the market for some time and I regretted that I only discovered it last year. But it's never too late to make a positive switch right? More of Human Heart Nature in this Web site and Facebook page. *** This is not a paid write-up.

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  1. Yep, you can definitely copy the color scheme and like you, I don't pay attention with my skin and hair. No beauty regimen here and I just drink lots of water. I wanna try lory's hair cream cause I've read good reviews about the product but this one doesn't seem bad at all. Will keep it in mind. :)