Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Angry Bird


Life has become more fast-paced, and people are praising the idea of multi-tasking. Often multi-tasking works, but often, it stresses you out, and leaving you accomplishing nothing, or, worse, accomplishing only mediocre things.  It's still the second month of the year, and already I'm already dreaming and daydreaming of days and days of doing nothing and days and days of not worrying about anything.  It has been stressful, especially with the earthquake that took Central Visayas by surprise (duh! They don't announce their arrival.) last Monday.  It was my first time to experience that kind of shaking, and I couldn't move.  I actually felt like fainting because our apartment's wall was swaying and there was a loud sound, like the sound of the engine of a volkswagen, underneath me. :( scary, truly scary.

Anyway, this post is, er the pictures, are dedicated to my sister.

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