Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have seen many people use Pinterest but never really thought of joining until I saw cute pictures from a friend in Facebook.  During night time these days, my room is cluttered with paper getting some scrapbook pages done, and I thought I could use some inspiration, especially color combinations and page layouts, not from actual scrapbook pages but from other sources, like weddings, floral arrangements, table settings, parties, etc. So I went to Pinterest, and.. I guess I'm hooked.  I like it that I can make "boards" so my pictures are organized.  Now, I won't have tons of pictures in my PC and my PC's memory will be allocated for work and photos from my camera. :)

The photo above is a photo I "pinned" from Color Collective, a really great source for color combination inspiration

Also, another great feature of Pinterest is it links back to the original source.  No need for me to memorize or copy the link of the source.  I respect copyright and a person's creativity, and I hope everyone respects it too.

Pinterest is a thrifty way of having fun, and getting inspired. 

Happy weekend!

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