Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lucky Find: Velvet Ribbons

When I was a kid, my grandmother made me wear all the velvety dresses that my mother's younger cousin handed down. Everybody in town thought I was a pretty little girl. I thought the dresses were pretty stiff, itchy, and hot (my mother's cousin lives in the United States and I live in the Philippines!). Reminiscing those days, I realized I wouldn't hesitate to wear those outfits (only in bigger sizes of course!) if only to make my grandmother happy. :D

This black velvet bow the size of my palm will come the nearest to those childhood velvet outfits. I bought this bow, which was originally a hair clip, for P5. The clip was no longer functional so I ditched it. I can imagine a lot of outfits where this bow would be appropriate. And, I am also wearing this bow during this weekend's series of photoshoots for the shop's November uploads. :)

Me excited!

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