Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today's Outfit: Pink Scrunchies

dress: thrifted
jacket: thrifted
bag: Victoria's Secret, borrowed from sister
sandals: Grendha
ring: bazaar find
earrings: gift from Preloved Gallery
arm candy: scrunchies turned arm candy :D

photo by the adorable and sexy boyfriend

Tonight was reunion night. Not all night though. I started my night accompanying my sister in her IELTS exam at the Marco Polo hotel. Then we had dinner at The Outpost. Then my boyfriend and I joined my college classmates at Kalye 80's at Rahman St.

I was a bit tired already when we got to Kalye, and would have loved to chill with sister or boyfriend a bit longer at The Outpost as I had a rather long day at word, but it's good seeing my classmates I haven't seen in a long time. (I used the word "long" thrice in the sentence).

Now, I'm already very sleepy (!) but still managed to post this. Raarrr.

So, onto the outfit. The dress is thrifted and will probably be posted at the shop in December in time for the holiday season. It is in pale pink, made in cotton, with a subtle sheer. I love it because it is short and doesn't make me look frumpy and I love its chiffon sleeves. The jacket is also thrifted. It looks like a leather biker jacket, but is actually made of polyester and also has a sheer shimmer. The arm candy, though, is my favorite. I already told you about the scrunchies, and this is how I'd wear them at one point.


Bon week-end!

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