Saturday, October 17, 2009

Past Finds

A hot pink summer dress (label: Hollister) that I probably bought a year ago or so. Probably, because I can't remember when I bought this or where. All I know is that this piece of sexy summer dress was brought before November 2008 as I already wore this during my boyfriend and my 2nd anniversary in Bohol. Only wore this dress twice. And this dress is a little big for me, especially the bust part. I am putting this up for sale at the shop as part of my November uploads.

I found this dress (label: Clio from Paris) very princessy and would have loved to wear this if I am a princessy person, except that I'm not. Well, we girls have a little princess (or queen) inside of us but I think the dress is too kyoot for my age already. And the sleeves are also a little tight for my taste. So, I am also putting this up for sale in the shop in November. :D


  1. I heart the hot pink summer dress.. Is it for sale na? Let me know ha.. :) Thanksie :)

  2. hi, sarah. :) yes, the hot pink summer dress is for sale for P300.

  3. oopps.. sorry, the dress is already sold. :)