Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sneek Peak: Fall Princess

Two items to be listed at the Shop this November: a princessy dress and a classic/classy quilted bag. Both bag and dress are thrift finds and are in good thrifted condition.

The dress (tag: Clio from Paris) is made of cotton (feels like linen) and accentuated by lace and tassels at the sleeves. I am not very sure if the dress is vintage but it does look like it's vintage. Very pretty and girly.

The bag (tag: Paolo Gucci) will remind you of the popular Chanel quilted and chain-strapped bags. As per my research, Paolo Gucci is one of the members of the famed Gucci family. I don't know if he actually designed this bag as he died in 1995 but the bag bears his name.

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