Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lucky Find: Favorite Blouse

Many things have come and gone. And many things I have always thought of selling, or giving away, or throwing. But this blouse, from the moment I laid my eyes on it (in one smelly corner of the Carbon Market ukayan), I swore to keep this for the rest of my life.

I bought this for about P10 before I graduated in the summer of 2005. I was truly intent on wearing this to my graduation day underneath the sablay and I have even stitched beads all over the blouse to make it look more vintage. Of course, this is not a blouse. This is an undergarment, but thought this should pass for a blouse.

I was really excited to wear this and had a pixie-style skirt done by Rey Humberto Villegas. But when Mama came to the city and saw this, she was so appalled and took pity on me she took me to an impromptu shopping spree at Loalde in Ayala Center. I couldn't find anything in Loalde that fitted and had to settle to a cream cowl-neck blouse (which became off-shouldered when I wore it). Mama insisted I wear the Loalde blouse and, to please her, I wore it to my graduation rites.

I kept the Loalde blouse, but left it in my Mama's closet in the province.

But this... I'll never part with this.

And when I get married...
Hahaha.. I wish Mama won't take me to another impromtu shopping spree. :D


  1. Lovely blouse, dear! I'd say you have to keep this for good.

  2. indeed! it's truly lovely and very feminine. :) im thinking of passing this on to my daughter(s) or gay child. :D