Monday, December 14, 2009

Today's Outfit: White on Gray

I needed to cut short my work for the day to run -- literally -- to the mall to finish shopping for our company's door prizes. Tsk, tsk. I also squeezed in having some dollars changed (we have really low dollar rates these days), checking Cebu Pacific's Cebu-GenSan schedule, meeting up with one of my bestfriends Hanes for an emergency, and having dinner with my boyfriend and sister. I finally finished shopping for the door prizes, but I am exhausted and do not want to continue working for the rest of the night. But I have to because it's my job and my bread-and-butter.

And to my outfit for the day... all are thrifted except for the pair of [high-waist/tapered] pants, which was previously owned by one of my mother's cousins and is probably already 10 or 15 years old.

Top: thrifted
Pants: Express, old
Shoes: thrifted, P250


  1. i like the simple look and that's one pretty shoes.

  2. thank you. :) they are indeed pretty shoes because they "prettify" my feet. :D