Monday, December 14, 2009

What's The Point?

I put up this blog to document my "thrifting process" and along the way, I did "outfit" posts. I admit that I, most of the times, never nail that look. I know that there are always "something odd" in my outfits, and, because I, mostly live alone, I don't have anyone who can tell me what's wrong with what I'm wearing. That is the reason why I occasionally insert outfit posts in this blog -- so someone could tell me if there is anything "off" in my outfit and what that is and how I could remedy that. You know, personal style evolves. We make mistakes, we learn. :) So, if you like or don't like my outfits, you can say it -- but please be gentle. :D :D


  1. Looking at your pics, I see a lot of nice pieces you wear. We all have our own personal style, I guess. If you look at my blog, im sure there will be "baduy" looks. I understand about the no one to tell you, same here.

  2. i think we're always bound to have those "baduy" looks, which makes us human. :D :D