Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lucky Find: French Macaroon(s)

I envy people who are making a living out of things they love to do. I love my work -- tracking billion-dollar bankruptcy cases in the U.S. and writing news about them -- but this work bores me sometimes, like today. And it is especially hot today that all I really want to do is read, or write a little, with a pitcher of mango shake beside me. :D

In the past days and months, I realized I haven't posted about my "lucky finds" -- beautiful finds that are cheap, and almost free.

So, to start, I have finally been lucky the day before Valentine's Day when I visited a patisserie here in the city and they have macaroons for sale. I have visited often in the past but was always unlucky because the macaroons are always sold out.

Vanille Patisserie, Ayala Center, Cebu

For P28, I think, the macaroon was a heavenly bite. I prefer black/dark chocolates over sweet chocolates and this macaroon was on the "dark" side. It was a perfect treat, except, of course, it was too small and expensive.

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