Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make-Up & Michille Phan

I'm not so into make-up and cosmetics. My bestfriend and I have always planned to take formal lessons on how to properly apply cosmetics, but we never really got to doing it. Recently, I have taken interest on cosmetics . . . though my arsenal still consist of powders, lipsticks and brushes bought and received as gifts 2-3 years ago. (Is that unhealthy?)

Anyway, what I wanted to share is . . . I'm a Michille Phan fan. :D I love it that her make-up tutorials are free. I mostly find make-up artists snobs, or maybe I am just too shy.


  1. Great blog! :)

    I hear you on makeup, I like shoes way more. ;)


  2. I also like Ms. Phan :)

    Naa pa koy lain nahan I forgot the name. Will check my youtube subscriptions. hehehe.

    By the way, you may have to recheck your make-up kit. Mura dili na advisable ang 2-3 years ago pa. :( Heard it in a tv show na naa expiry date ang make-up.
    Pero ok ra man guro nang brushes.

  3. @ stitch: hehehe.. ako na gilabay, she. after hearing from Ms. Phan. :D

  4. lalo ka ng magiging pretty pag may make up ka. I'm not into make up too.