Friday, January 21, 2011

At the Cemetery

The cemetery's not the usual place you'd go to for a photoshoot... but you know, I love cemeteries. Because no one would bother you. :D And I find Argao's public cemetery romantic. The cemetery dates back to the Spanish times and there are still structures that are remnants of that romantic era.


  1. great shots! i know it's weird taking photos in places like that, but i agree with you, there's no one to bother you there, so it's great! LOL

  2. Nice location! It kind of creeped me out though because, well, it's a cemetery with dead people :O *haha this is me scaring myself out* haha :P

  3. @ Thrifty Closet: My boyfriend (who took the photos) and I were actually unusually quite during the photoshoot. I felt that if we'd make so much noise, the dead would not like it, and would curse the photos. :D

  4. Oh I've been there. We have photos there,too. Love the rundown feel of the place.

    Aaand, love your dress!

  5. ilove the pictures. i did some photoshoot before too in a cemetery