Friday, January 21, 2011

Pinstripes on Pinstripes

In school, my seatmates at both sides are men, and gay. And, when the class gets boring, we talk about fashion... One time weeks ago, we talked on whether checkered should go with stripes. I am not very into the "rules" of fashion because I don't know much of them, and, I think, living by some rules would constrict you into becoming more creative.

Today, I decided to go with comfort. But in homage to my seatmates, I decided to do the "menswear fashion." Of course, I am not into high fashion, I paired a pinstriped button down with a pinstriped vest and a denim miniskirt. The button down is size Large, and actually really too big for me, but since boyfriend shirts are on trend, why not? The vest I borrowed from my younger male cousin, and the skirt from my sister.

The earrings is a pair of wooden earrings I bought at a native jewelry shop in one of the big malls here in the city.


  1. nice outfit! like a boy meets girl fusion of style! :)

    <3 hazel

  2. yeah, it was something like that. :) i would have wanted to wear something lacy or a froufrou skirt instead of a plain mini skirt but law school is conservative. :P