Monday, June 20, 2011

bathing suits and storms


When it's too hot, we wish it'd rain. And then it'd rain and there would be floods (and no internet connection, like me) and we wish it's summer. Haayy.. There's a storm in the country and there was a lighting/thunder storm in our city last Friday. My modem and PC died, and I cannot work at home (sad).

And then my boyfriend asked me, is that a bathing suit you're wearing, and I asked why? And he said coz it looks like a bathing suit. And I said no, it's not, but it's a bodysuit. And I love this bodysuit because it's form fitting, stretchable, and does not form bumps in the waist when tucked into anything because it is a bodysuit, and that's why they were created so they will stay in place when tucked into pants, skirts, what-have-you.

bodysuit - dkny
skirt - thrifted
bag - gift
sandals - dept. store
bangles - sister's old watches


  1. hahahahaha my friends always tease me everytime i wear a bodysuit. they wonder how i pee. i love your blog ^^ post more ^^

  2. Bodysuit with a skirt over it, brilliant idea! Seriously, I hate tucking stuff in and all the bumps and such that comes with it. This outfit is casual and cute ;)

  3. bodysuit is a great idea. I love the skirt also