Monday, October 17, 2011

Outfit Post: White Shirt & Happy Arm Party


I wasn't inspired by the many fashion[istas] wearing piles of unrelated stuff in their arms.  I was inspired by my team mate who always wear a lot of cute stuff in her arms. Because I don't have a lot of "cute" stuff, I decided to try the trend using what I have -- gold bracelets and this very versatile cloth belt that my lovely friend, CloverFinds, gave me.

What I'm wearing:

top - thrifted silk blouse (too big for me, but very comfortable because it's thin)
shorts - sister's
flats - thrifted
bag - gift from mama
bracelets - gifts


  1. Wheeee!!! you are so creative psych! :) do you know that that leopard belt has a twin? and it's with me. hehe. mura sa harry potter ba na iya wand has a twin. far-out. haha. miss you!

  2. Thanks, Chu! :) This is my favorite belt jud. It makes a drab outfit look classic and fashionable. Kita ko sa twin in your photos katong kamo 4 sa MALA. :) Miss you too, Chu, I hope maka-bond ta soon.