Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The What.Ever Shot


We were taking pictures for the shop last Sunday, and I was wearing these jeans because most of the stuff I listed at the shop were tops. This tunic, which is already a dress on me, was at the bottom of the bag I brought. We decided to take a picture anyway. We thought the outfit was funny. I thought of wearing it around but my boyfriend wouldn't give me a cent for wearing it, so I ditched the jeans.

A friend of mine died last Saturday because of dengue. She was 22, no longer a child but too young to die. I was/am brokenhearted because she was an energy ball and I always enjoy her company especially when studying because she's very diligent. Her death was  unfortunate. So, let's all be very careful with mosquitoes and our health. Life is good, but it is also fleeting.

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