Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lucky Find: Studded Leather Belt

I have never been a fan of belts . . . I have always thought they only have a utilitarian use -- for holding up pants/shorts/skirts that are too big for me. In that regard, I only had one black leather belt with a silver buckle for three years, then I added one thin belt with a silver buckle in patent blue leather last year, and I was happy. :)

I am not a follower of the belt-shoes matching rule (because I have few shoes and fewer belts). But since I found my thrift store haven, I've found myself buying more (and more) belts. I am, of course, drawn towards vintage leather belts, like the one above.

And, fixing up outfits with my new (but old) belts, I realized how much belts ommphs an outfit. Not only are they utilitarian.

P.S. I am singing (croaking rather because I have colds) to The Corrs! I have been a fan when I was in highschool and haven't heard from then since, and I didn't expect I can still sing along to their songs after all these years. Weeh! Thank you boyfriend for the songs/albums. Mwah!

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